Premier League

Although we are not a professional club, we all like to play at a level that satisfies our competitive nature. Premier League (PL) is a very competitive competition and one that the word ‘amateur’ merely means nobody gets paid.

As the flagship group within the club, the Premier League squad competes in the PL First Grade and Reserve Grade competitions. The squad consists of around 32 players in order to field 2 teams each week. There are 2 training sessions per week (during the normal season) and trials/pre-season training from mid January.

Although we have a focus on younger players; all new players are welcome to trial.


If you’re looking to play in the NER Premier League squad, make yourself known to the Director of Coaching or Football Convenor (Click on the NER Football Committee link). NER will never turn away any potential player before trials. Everyone is given a fair opportunity to be selected in the squad consisting of both First Grade and Reserve Grade teams.

Other competitions

NER PL also compete in the following:

  • Gilmour Cup – This is a pre-season FA Cup-style competition for the top 2 tiers of the clubs.
  • FFA Cup – This is a knockout competition where amateur and professional teams from all over Australia compete.
  • Community Cup – This is a single game played against the Australian Army National Team as a friendly at the end of October. It is a trial game for the Army as they lead into their national competition.

More Information

For further information please contact the Premier League Coordinator