Honour Roll

North Epping Rangers Sports Club has had many dedicated volunteers that have helped throughout it’s history to make The Rangers a great club. More than a few have gone on to positions within our governing bodies such as GHFA, NWSF, ERNA and FootballNSW. We thank all our volunteers for their commitment to the club. Among the numbers, some shine above the rest and are honoured with a Club Life Membership.

A Club Life Member is one that has gone above and beyond with their contribution to the Club. These people have been the ones that have impacted most on the growth and development of the Club, hardworking doers that over many years have kept the kids and adults playing our great sports. They may be the visionaries that guide the Club to greater heights, or the hard workers doing the jobs that no-one else wants to do, but they have all done more than most.

As well as Club Life Membership, a Player Life Membership is awarded to one that has played sport for North Epping Rangers for 25 years or more. These 25 years do not have to be consecutive, nor do they need to be of the same sport.

You can see below a list of the most significant volunteers over our history. This is by means a definitive list and there are many others that make a very important contribution. The General Members of the Club Management Committee, the members of the Section Committees, the Coaches, the Managers, the BBQ and Canteen helpers, those that help dressing and undressing the fields. It is the hundreds of these volunteers that allow North Epping Rangers Sports Club to continue to flourish, and we thank them all.

Table of contents

Executive Committee History






1963D. Lewis No one electedA. RalstonC. Doyle
1964D. Lewis Don AllenA. RalstonC. Doyle
1965D. Allen Doug LewisA. RalstonT. Thom
1966D. Allen Doug LewisD. AspinallD. Wallace
1967G. Lee Don AllenD. AspinallR. Goodwin
1968G Lee UnknownD. AspinallR. Goodwin
1969G Lee UnknownD AspinallR. Goodwin
1970T Robinson UnknownM MooreR Goodwin
1971John Cameron John DeGioiaDaphne BakerMurray Moore
1972John Cameron John DeGioiaDaphne BakerM. Little
1973Laurie Drake John DeGioiaNeil AustinClem Cawley
1974Laurie Drake John DeGioiaDaphne BakerClem Cawley
1975Lawrie Lynagh Evan BakerM. BreretonB. Knowles
1976Lawrie Lynagh Evan BakerM. BreretonW. Tucker
1977Lawrie Lynagh Clare SaundersM. BreretonB. Fletcher
1978Lawrie Lynagh Clare SaundersJohn YounieKel Dunn
1979Clare Saunders John LoveridgeJohn YounieKel Dunn
1980Clare Saunders John EaglesonJohn YounieC. Hackett
1981John Eagleson Michael BreretonJohn YounieKen Bruce
1982John Eagleson Michael BreretonJohn YounieKen Bruce
1983John Eagleson Tony WrightHenry LunieJohn Taylor
1984Tony Wright Russel ReidJohn YounieJohn Taylor
1985Jim Forrest Russel ReidHelen MedhurstJohn Taylor
1986Jim Forrest Mark PayneHelen MedhurstJohn Taylor
1987Jim Forrest Ian RaeburnHelen MedhurstJohn Taylor
1988Jim Forrest Jeff TarrantNora BodkinJohn Taylor
1989Jim Forrest Jeff TarrantNora BodkinJohn Taylor
1990Jeff Tarrant Des HennessyShona TarrantJohn Taylor
1991Jeff Tarrant Des HennessyShona TarrantJohn Taylor
1992Jeff Tarrant Des HennessyShona TarrantJohn Taylor
1993Jeff Tarrant Des HennessyShona TarrantJohn Taylor
1994Des Hennessy Jeff TarrantJanine SlimmonJohn Taylor
1995Gordon SlimmonGraham RobertsCarole SaundersMark Eagleson
1996Gordon SlimmonSteve ColquhounCarole SaundersMark Eagleson
1997Steve ColquhounTony GalluzzoRoss WraithMark Eagleson
1998Steve ColquhounTony GalluzzoG. SlimmonRoss Wraith
1999Steve ColquhounTony GalluzzoGail DeluciaRoss Wraith
2000Steve ColquhounTony GalluzzoM. MallisonRoss Wraith
2001Steve ColquhounTony GalluzzoM. MallisonDharam Chetty
2002Steve ColquhounTony GalluzzoBrad MitchellPeter Winsor
2003Tony DaggerAlfie GullottoBrad MitchellHelen Chapman
2004Tony DaggerNeal SwancottStephen FrySteve Colquhoun
2005Steve ColquhounRaul OsbichStephen FryPeter Wicks
2006Steve ColquhounRaul OsbichNeal SwancottJohn Eagleson
2007Steve ColquhounJoe BoulosNeal SwancottAndrew North
2008Raul OsbichJoe BoulosNeal SwancottAndrew North
2009Raul OsbichJoe BoulosNeal SwancottAndrew North
2010Raul OsbichHelen ArmsonNeal SwancottLinda Talty
2011Helen ArmsonRaul OsbichNeal SwancottLinda Talty
2012Helen ArmsonMichael SternNeal SwancottLinda Talty
2013Helen ArmsonMichael SternElyse OsbichLinda Talty
2014Helen ArmsonMichael SternNeal SwancottLinda Talty
2015Helen ArmsonMichael SternNeal SwancottLinda Talty
2016Michael SternKaren MichieNeal SwancottLinda Talty
2017Michael SternKaren MichieNeal SwancottLinda Talty
2018Michael SternJames McNaughtonKaren MichieSteve Colquhoun
2019Michael SternJames McNaughtonTrevor Carlyle-HogganSteve Colquhoun
2020Trevor Carlyle-HogganJames McNaughtonLisa BrownSteve Colquhoun
2021Michael SternTasneem (Taz) WesselsLisa BrownSteve Colquhoun
2022Craig DenyerTasneem (Taz) WesselsTrevor Carlyle-HogganSteve Colquhoun
2023Craig DenyerMatt WalkerTrevor Carlyle-HogganBen Heard
2024Craig DenyerMatt WalkerKristen De GioiaBen Heard

Section Convenors History






1994Gordon SlimmonSue Skinner Bev Taylor (Coordinator)
1995Steve ColquhounSue Skinner Di Hill (Coordinator)
1996Steve ColquhounGail Delucia Di Hill (Coordinator)
1997Steve ColquhounGail Delucia Joanne Colquhoun (Coordinator)
1998Steve ColquhounGail Delucia Joanne Colquhoun (Coordinator)
1999Glen GallagherMariann Mallison Joanne Colquhoun (Coordinator)
2000Glen GallagherKylie Ellis Janelle Wraith (Coordinator)
2001Neal SwancottKylie Ellis Janelle Wraith (Coordinator)
2002Neal SwancottKylie Ellis Janelle Wraith (Coordinator)
2003Neal SwancottGarry Josling Dee Horrocks (Coordinator)
2004Brad MitchellGarry JoslingRaul OsbichDee Horrocks (Coordinator)
2005Jamie McNaughtonWendy ConlonNeal SwancottDee Horrocks (Coordinator)
2006Steve ColquhounWendy ConlonDarren EaglesonSandra Dawson (Coordinator)
2007Joe BoulosWendy ConlonDarren EaglesonSandra Dawson (Coordinator)
2008Mark SutherlandBarbara BrownElyse OsbichSandra Dawson (Coordinator)
2009Michael SternBarbara BrownElyse OsbichRon Huby (Coordinator)
2010Michael SternBarbara BrownElyse OsbichRon Huby (Coordinator)
2011Michael SternBarbara BrownElyse OsbichRon Huby (Coordinator)
2012Michael SternBarbara BrownElyse OsbichJoanne Colquhoun (Coordinator)
2013Michael SternBarbara BrownEmily McCartneyJoanne Colquhoun (Coordinator)
2014Craig DenyerKaren MichieEmily McCartneyJoanne Colquhoun (Coordinator)
2015Craig DenyerKaren MichieEmily McCartneyJoanne Colquhoun (Coordinator)
2016Craig DenyerKaren MichieEmily McCartneyJoanne Colquhoun (Coordinator)
2017Craig DenyerKristen DeGioiaEmily McCartneyJoanne Colquhoun (Coordinator)
2018Craig DenyerKristen DeGioiaEmily McCartneyJoanne Colquhoun (Coordinator)
2019Craig DenyerKristen DeGioiaEmily McCartneyJoanne Colquhoun (Coordinator)
2020Craig DenyerKristen DeGioia (merged with football)Joanne Colquhoun (Coordinator)
2021Craig DenyerKaarin Kooij Joanne Colquhoun (Coordinator)
2022James McNaughtonEmma Willmott Joanne Colquhoun (Coordinator)
2023Greg FriendEmma WillmottCraig Denyer (Coordinator)
2024Greg FriendKatrina BarnettKathy Fahim

Life Members



John DeGioia*1971
Doug Lewis, Daphne Baker*1972
Irene Tray1974
Evan Baker *, Belle Russell1975
Laurie Lynagh*, Ted Sherwood1976
Joan Savage, Paul Savage1977
Kel Dunn, Clare Saunders*1978
Alan Fisk1979
John Eagleson1982
Bev Taylor1983
Jim Forrest1986
John Taylor1988
Fay Cameron1989
Mark Payne, Shona Tarrant, Jeff Tarrant1990
Ron Payne*1992
Des Hennessy1994
Steve Colquhoun2001
Tony Galluzzo2003
Mark Eagleson2004
Neal Swancott2005
Lynne Rosendale, Wendy Conlon2007
Darren Eagleson2008
Glen Smith2009
Raul Osbich2010
Leanne Rolls2011
Helen Armson, Barbara Brown, Joanne Colquhoun, Geoff Lee (Posthumous), James McNaughton, Elyse Osbich2013
Michael Stern2014
Stephen Fry2015
David Taylor*2016
Linda Talty2017
Craig Denyer2018
Jacqui Hoggan, Karen Michie2019
Jan Emmerton, Paul Hutcheson2020
Jan Hancock2021
Trevor Carlyle-Hoggan2023

Player Life Members



Gary Jubelin, Daryl Cameron1997
Darren Eagleson1998
Glen Smith1999
Phil Beacom, Peter Wicks2000
Craig Eagleson, Greg Eagleson2001
Jim Tanswell, Grant Reid2002
Scott Reid2003
Stephen Pendergast2008
Brendon Drake2010
Mark Eagleson2013
Russell Doyle2017
James McNaughton, Greg Bell2021
James Hill, Michael Palmer2022
Steve Carters, Robert Cudd2023