Senior Mens

The senior team encompasses all teams over 18. NWSF runs competitions for U18s, and U21s, 15 divisions of All Age, 6 divisions of Over 35, and 5 divisions of Over 45. NER has teams in all the age categories, but not in every division.

We are primarily focused on the social aspects of the sport, enjoying the physical exercise and the post-game refreshments. We have on occasion won a division!

The games are 45 minutes per half with 11 players on the field. Unlimited interchange is allowed and we generally register about 20 players per team. Games are usually played on Saturday afternoons with some Sunday matches.

Training is optional for these teams and many of our teams train in a cooperative sessions. As not everyone within a team may be able to make training every week, the cooperative format allows for sufficient numbers of players to make a training session viable.

During the summer months, NER runs a fitness and training program for any over 35 players (including Over 45 players) that want to keep up their fitness through the off-season.

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